Westmead Private Hospital
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General Information for Day Only Patients

Day Surgery admissions have been specifically designed with a short stay in mind. However, if the need arises for you to remain in hospital overnight, you will be transferred to a suitable ward. We ask that you set aside the whole day for your admission. Due to limited space within the Day Surgery Unit, only ONE relative/person is to accompany you to this area. This person may stay with you until you go to the operating theatre. Once the Day Surgery Nurse has finished your admission, you will be taken to a shared waiting room and provided with a gown to put on. A bag will be provided for your clothes, you do not require sleepwear.

Post Surgery

After your procedure you will be taken to the recovery area. During this time, our nursing staff will continually monitor your progress and comfort. Your length of stay in the recovery area will depend on your operative procedure. Usually patients are discharged between two and four hours after treatment.

After You Get Home

Depending on the surgery performed, some patients may experience certain sensations including: pain, nausea, sore throat, muscle pain, disturbed ability to concentrate. If you experience any other problems immediately following surgery please call the hospital on (02) 8837 9000. Should your symptoms persist beyond 24 hours, or you have any concerns please contact your doctor immediately, or the hospital after hours.

Day surgery patient information