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Bilateral Cochlear Implants for 3 Year Old Thomas


Bilateral Cochlear Implants for 3 Year Old Thomas

Mar 25, 2015

Three year old Thomas Bollinger was born prematurely, he has had many challenges with his health, whilst his twin Michelle thrived, life was more difficult for Thomas. For the past three years Thomas has lived a life without sound, but this will soon change. Thomas underwent a bilateral cochlear implant, performed by A/Prof Melville Da Cruz (Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon), at Westmead Private Hospital on Wednesday 11th March.

Hearing aids were not an option for Thomas and his parents learnt that cochlear implants would give their son the best chance of hearing. "Whilst Thomas communicates effectively through lip reading, it can be hard at times to understand him fully" said his mother Kylie. "He is a happy, full on little boy most of the time, but gets frustrated when we can't understand him".

The family are looking forward to having his cochlear device turned on 2 weeks after the operation. The prospect to experience hearing and all the joys and opportunities of the hearing world are now a reality for Thomas.

Tim Daniel, CEO of Westmead Private Hospital said, "It's an absolute privilege for us to play our part in this truly remarkable surgery and is just another great example of the outstanding medical intervention which is being performed at Westmead Private Hospital".

Bilateral Cochlear Implants for 3 Year Old Thomas