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Why Choose Us

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Why Choose Us


Some of the reasons to choose Westmead Private Hospital:

  • Childbirth and parenting programs to help prepare both you and your partner for the birth of your child
  • Guaranteed private room with ensuite following the birth of your baby
  • 32 bed maternity unit providing all your needs for a comfortable stay
  • 10 rooms offering double beds for partners to stay and be totally involved in the care of your newborn baby
  • Parenting suites to provide couples the opportunity to stay together in hospital after the birth of their baby (*subject to availability)
  • Boarder accommodation for support person (*subject to availability)
  • Large choice of experienced Obstetricians (click here for list)
  • Experienced Paediatricians who will care for your baby (click here for Paediatricians list)
  • Unique advantage of being co-located with both Westmead Private Hospital and the Children's Hospital at Westmead. This allows us to provide our patients with the highest standard of private hospital care whilst having access to tertiary level care facilities if required
  • Anticipated stay will be 3 nights for a vaginal birth and 4 nights for a caesarean section
  • The Infant Feeding and Support Centre which empowers, promotes and educates women with infant feeding and parenting skills during your hospital stay
  • Skin to skin and feeding in Recovery Ward for elective Caesarean Section (some exclusions apply)
  • Well baby nursery support
  • Our maternity team are highly experienced and competent to care for you during your stay
  • Advanced lactation support
  • Extensive post natal education program including preparation for home, bathing, settling and infant feeding
  • All baby needs supplied (nappies, wipes, infant formula if needed)
  • Foxtel and WiFi access
  • CTG Clinic for high risk mums
  • Following your discharge access to Infant Feeding Clinic*  which offers assistance and support with:
    • Infant feeding
    • Nipple shields
    • Expressing
    • Follow up for any feeding issues
  • 3 FREE Mums and Bubs Pilates Classes for women following birth at Westmead Private Hospital.
* Please note there is a cost involved for this service which may not be covered by your health fund

Why Choose Westmead Private Hospital