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Our Accommodation and Facilities

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Our Facilities

Having a baby is one of the most important events in your life and every birth is unique. Your care whilst in Westmead Private is coordinated by your Obstetrician. Westmead Private supports women and families to have flexibility and choice with a focus on individualized care.

Our accommodation and facilities
Our accommodation and facilities
Our accommodation and facilities

Maternity Ward (including both Antenatal & Postnatal)

The Maternity Ward offers 46 private rooms, of which 38 are standard rooms and 8 luxury parenting suites. All rooms offer comfortable sleeping arrangements for your support person to stay and be totally involved in the care of your newborn baby free of charge.

We also offer:

  • 8 spacious Parenting Suites (additional costs apply)
  • Women’s only Infant Feeding Support Centre supported by experienced clinicians
  • Education Centre
  • Bathing Centre
  • Rooftop garden for the whole family to enjoy

Please note that only one support person is able to stay overnight. Children are not able to stay overnight under any circumstances.

The Birthing Suite

The Birthing Suite comprises large modern birthing rooms that ensure a personal and safe environment for your birthing experience. There are a total of seven birthing suites featuring large ensuites and shower facilities. Labouring women and their partners are offered many flexible choices to ensure a positive and safe birthing experience. We encourage your partner and/or support person to be involved in your care during labour. Overnight facilities are provided in each Birthing Suite for your partner.

Special Care Nursery

The Special Care Nursery is a Level 2 nursery providing any extra care and support that may be required. In the event of a baby being born prematurely or unwell, transfer to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can be organised without delay.

We have the unique advantage of being co-located with both Westmead Hospital and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. This allows us to provide our patients with the highest standard of private hospital care whilst having access to tertiary level care facilities if required.

Special Care Nursery
Special Care Nursery
Special Care Nursery

Luxury Parenting Suites

Our luxury Parenting Suites are designed to enhance your postnatal experience by enabling partners to stay and be totally involved in the care of your newborn baby.

Our luxury parenting suites feature:

  • Large luxury hotel style room (1½ times larger than our standard rooms)
  • Queen size bed
  • All meals for you and your partner
  • Gourmet hamper
  • WPH Mums branded bath robe
  • Daily newspaper

To be eligible to stay, partners are requested to read and sign the Parenting Suite ‘terms and conditions’. This is to ensure the safety of your baby and the privacy of the patients in the maternity ward.

If you wish to stay in a Parenting Suite, please inform your Midwife on admission who will be happy to assist you. There is an additional charge of $700 to stay in a Parenting Suite, which may be rebatable - please check with your health fund.

To download the brochure, click here.

Luxury Parenting Suites
Luxury Parenting Suites
Luxury Parenting Suites

Well Baby Nursery

The Infant Feeding Support Centre offers respite care overnight if required. There is a limit on the number of babies in the nursery at any one time and it is expected that the babies will return to their mother for feeding. The service is available from 11pm until 6am.