Westmead Private Hospital
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New graduate program

Gradplus is Ramsay Health Care’s New South Wales program for outstanding graduate nurses and midwives. Our flexible programs open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Gradplus offers more support, more opportunity and more flexibility than any other graduate program. We’re looking for the best graduates in the country to join our team and we will give you the best first year development program in return.

Westmead Private offers a dynamic 12 month program that is both challenging and rewarding. A variety of surgical and specialty rotations ensure that the New Graduates experience a range of clinical situations that will enhance their learning and enable them to find their niche. Demonstrated proficiency is the safe delivery of patient care and the acquisition of team skills is consolidated throughout the program. A 93% retention rate of the New Graduates is testament to the confidence the graduates have in the supportive and learning environment of Westmead Private.

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Contact Samantha Mavros, Hospital Educator, Westmead Private Hospital - email MavrosS@ramsayhealth.com.au 

A culture of education and support is promoted and evident at Westmead Private Hospital. The hospital is student orientated. In addition to the New Graduate Program, there are also ongoing undergraduate and work experience and community service programs. Westmead Private is highly regarded in the community for quality clinical and non clinical placements and the requests for such placements each year are extensive.

New graduate program