Westmead Private Hospital
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How to Refer and Admit a Patient

What types of patients does Westmead Private Hospital accept?

  • Privately insured patients - Any patient that is covered by a private health fund.

  • Self-funded patients - The patient will be provided with an estimation prior to their admission.

  • Workers Compensation - Approval needs to be obtained from the insurance company prior to admission.

  • Overseas patients - We accept patients from overseas so long as their insurance company provides the necessary approval prior to admission.

  • Veteran Affairs patients


Elective Admissions

Elective Admissions to Westmead Private Hospital are arranged through the office of an accredited Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) at our facility. For a full list of accredited specialists and their contact details please click on the following link Specialists. In most cases a General Practitioner would refer their patient to a specialist at their consulting rooms where an elective admission would be arranged by them if appropriate.

There are two types of admissions forms that need to be filled out, see below.

  1. Admission Referral Form - to be filled out by the specialist and the patient, which gives consent for treatment.

  2. Patient Admissions Details - to be filled out by the patient. This can be done on a hard copy or via our website. This form contains a patient’s personal details together with medical history and next of kin information.

The completed forms can either be sent to the hospital via the specialist’s rooms or directly by the patient (excluding online admissions). Our admissions team will then process the forms and book the patient in. Patients will be contacted by the hospital with the details of their admission (date, time etc.) and will be provided with an estimation for any out of pocket costs. Some patients may be asked to attend our pre-admission clinic.

Non-Elective Admissions

These are unplanned admissions and these can only be arranged upon request from Medical Specialists, other Hospitals and General Practitioners. However this type of admission can only be accepted once the care of the prospective patient has been accepted by an accredited Visiting Medical Officer (VMO).

For a full list of all accredited VMO’s at Westmead Private Hospital please refer to Specialists.

Prior to admission all patients will need to present their insurance details, show proof of worker’s compensation approval or pay the estimated cost of stay if they are self-insured. We will also need their contact details, date of birth, diagnosis, admitting doctor, infection status and treatment requests.

We will also need to know if there is a requirement for the use of an operating theatre. To determine bed availability contact our bookings department direct on (02) 8837 9104 or contact the After Hours Coordinator on (02) 8837 9172 after 4pm.

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