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Before Your Stay

All the information you need
before the big day!

Your Admission

During your pregnancy at any stage, if you are worried about yourself or your baby, or you think you may be in labour, please contact:

Westmead Private Birth Suite (02) 8837 9187

If you need urgent care contact both the Birth Suite and the Ambulance Service on "000". 

Maternity Pregnancy admission

In consultation with you, your Obstetrician may advise an admission for you during your pregnancy to monitor and observe you and your baby. You will be advised to either present at Maternity reception or come directly to the Birth Suite.

Labour admission

Every pregnancy is different, and there's wide variation in the length and progress of labour. For first-time parents, labour often takes between ten and 20 hours. For some women, though, it lasts much longer, while for others it's over much sooner. Generally labour progresses more quickly for women who've already given birth vaginally.

We request that you contact the Birth Suite Midwife on 02 8837 9187 prior to coming into the hospital. The midwives may give you some coping tips to help you stay at home longer or may advise you to come into the hospital depending on your circumstance. This video will assist you with access into Westmead Private Hospital from 30th June 2020.

Induction of labour admission

Induction of labour is the process of starting labour artificially, rather than waiting for labour to commence naturally. Prior to making the decision about induction talk to your Obstetrician about the advantages and disadvantages and find out why they think your labour should be induced and how the procedure is done.

Before starting the induction your doctor will assess your cervix by an internal examination. Based on the examination your doctor will recommend one or a combination of the following methods of induction:

  • Prostaglandin gel
  • Cervical ripening balloon catheter
  • Artificially breaking the waters
  • Oxytocin drip

Caesarean section admission

On the day before your admission you will be advised of the scheduled time for your surgery and subsequent fasting time by your doctor or the hospital.

Fasting time

This is a period of time, prior to your operation, where you will not be allowed to eat or drink. This time is determined by your Anaesthetist or Obstetrician. It is imperative that fasting times be observed for your safety during your anaesthetic.

Please shower before admission.

On the day of your surgery please go to front reception when you arrive at the hospital for admission. Remember to bring your "doctors card" with you.

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