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End of an era for Westmead obstetrician

Jul 30, 2019

An obstetrician who has welcomed thousands of babies into the world has attended his final delivery at Westmead Private Hospital.

Dr Andrew Pesce has retired from private obstetrics almost 20 years after he started practising at the Sydney facility.

Dr Pesce said: “It has been a wonderful part of my life; it is not over yet, but it will certainly be very different.”

The esteemed specialist was inspired to become a doctor by his own GP, who offered personalised care to all his patients.

Dr Pesce said he enjoyed every aspect of medicine, but his decision to choose obstetrics was made on the feeling of being able to help someone.

“As part of the training, you basically had to be with a woman in labour for six different births, and you sat with her, and looked after her. For the first time, I felt like I was doing something positive for someone,” Dr Pesce said.

In 1984, Dr Pesce became an intern and started his obstetrics training three years later as a registrar in the Westmead area.

He joined Westmead Private Hospital when it opened in 2000 and since then has delivered more than 7,000 babies.

“You need to treat your patients the same way you want your wife or daughter to be treated if they were pregnant. That has always been my yard stick.”

Dr Pesce has been heavily involved in the medical industry while juggling his own career, including previously holding the position of President of the Australian Medical Association.

He was also Clinical Director of Women's Health at Westmead and Chairman of the Westmead Medical Staff Council.

“I have been very busy for a number of years. But I love writing so that is going to be one of the non medical interests s I will pursue,” Dr Pesce said.

He is still practising private gynaecology services, seeing patients in rooms at Westmead Private Hospital.