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International Recognition for World Class Breastfeeding Support

May 23, 2016

Today we received International recognition for our world class breastfeeding support service. Decalie Brown, President of International Lactation Consultants Association visited today to present the IBCLC Care Award to staff. We congratulate our staff on working hard to achieve this prestigious award which was given for conducting activities that demonstrate promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding. This award is one of only three awards which has been given out in Australia and is the only one for NSW this year.

Commitment on the part of our Maternity team has paid off with families singing the praises of the support they received during their stay. Going home successfully breastfeeding is the goal of the majority of our families, it is a privilege to be able to provide a service which is so supportive and achieves results.

Families have access to ante-natal consultation and breastfeeding education, a daily breastfeeding class for Mum’s as well as specialized class for partners and support people.

Eligible women who have elective c/sections are offered skin to skin contact with their baby in recovery along with breastfeeding support. The postnatal ward offers a myriad of breastfeeding support from bedside assistance to our very popular Infant Feeding Support Centre. This provides a comfortable, woman only space with expert breastfeeding support around the clock. The support continues after discharge home with the Outpatient Clinic.

International Recognition for World Class Breastfeeding Support