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Westmead Private donates hospital supplies to Papua New Guinea

Oct 29, 2020

Westmead Private Hospital has donated a shipping container of blue storage containers to a hospital in Papua New Guinea, as part of an ongoing initiative to provide medical equipment and supplies to disadvantaged communities.

The new storage solutions will make a difference to the working environment for staff at Sopas District Hospital, which had previously been using cardboard boxes.

Sopas District Hospital is located in one of the highest provinces in the highlands of PNG.

The hospital’s Medical Superintendent and surgeon, Dr Elvis Biofa Japhleth, said: “Donation of various medical equipments and supplies by Westmead Private Hospital to Sopas District Hospital has indeed assisted the hospital in a huge scale.”

“Through these donations, the standard of care and the quality of services we provided have exceptionally improved and attracted more patients than ever before. Before Sopas District Hospital used to see around 500 patients per annum. This year we have seen a total 14,651 patients, evidence of quality of services we provided,” Dr Japhleth said.

“Your donations have been a great blessing to us and our patients. The donations that you have done has changed the lives of many people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Westmead Private Hospital endoscopy room coordinator, Kathryn Bloomfield, facilitated the donation. Westmead Private Hospital will also be donating some endoscopy processing units at the end of 2020.

Westmead Private donates hospital supplies to Papua New Guinea