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Westmead Private Hospital specialist George Gayagay

Dr George Gayagay

BMedSc(Hons 1), MBBS(Hons), FRACS(Ortho), FAORTHO

Dr George Gayagay is an orthopaedic surgeons who specialises in adult hip and knee joint arthroplasties, sports knee injuries and trauma. He has a particular interest in anterior approach surgery to the hip, uni-knee joint replacements and anterior cruciate and multilligament knee reconstructions (e.g. ACL reconstructions).

Dr. Gayagay has a particular interest in developing techniques for direct anterior hip replacement surgeries to reduce complications inherent with this surgery.  He is also involved in developing, enhancing and applying locally made high quality industry standard prosthesis for knee replacements.

Dr. Gayagay completed an Honours Degree in the Medical Sciences, and in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Sydney in 2001. His research paper on genesand super athletes in 1998 remains one of the most citied international scientific papers in its field to date. He continues to have interests in the basic sciences and maintains contacts with his mentors to address unresolved orthopaedic challenges.

Dr. Gayagay obtained his orthopaedic Specialist training in the NSW AOA Advanced Training Program. He received fellowship into the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 2011. He then spent a year of clinical and research joint arthroplasty fellowship in adult joint reconstruction with Prof Paul Smith in Canberra. He also worked with Prof. Laurie Kohan in Sydney and visited a number of high volume surgeons in the USA amongst them Dr. Scott Hannum and Dr. Johnathan Yerasimides to develop and refine his craft in direct anterior approach hip.

Dr. Gayagay has a background in research. For his medical thesis; he successfully identified a gene for heart development which had significant implications for athletic performance. Currently, 3D printing and biologics for tissue preservation and regeneration are some of his interests to date. As a researcher, George is also a keen educator particularly in sharing and transfer of applicable orthopaedic skills and knowledge to surgeons in developing nations, e.g. East Timor and Philippines.

Besides extending his services by volunteering for  medical mission surgeries overseas; and by sharing knowledge to local specialists and allied health professionals; Dr. Gayagay is also a keen farmer. Because of the challenge; he is trying his hands in  growing the elusive Perigord truffles in harsh Australian conditions in his 100 acre plot of land using scientific methods.

Hip and knee replacements; sports knee injuries; trauma;