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Westmead Private Hospital specialist Juned Shaikh

Dr Juned Shaikh


Dr Juned Shaikh is a general Paediatrician VMO at Blacktown, Mount Druitt Hospital, Hawkesbury Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital. He completed Paediatric training from The Childrens Hospital at Westmead. Dr Shaikh's training has included extensive experience in Neonatal Intensive Care, Paediatric Intensive Care, Emergency Paediatrics, Developmental and Community Paediatrics. He has had 18 years experience working in the field of Paediatrics.

Dr Shaikh manages children from birth to 18 years of age. His services include acute newborn and paediatric conditions, chronic paediatric conditions, developmental and behavioural concerns, growth concerns, preventative health care and complex case management. He has a special interest in the field of neonatology and behavioural issues such as development delay, ADHDand autism. Dr Shaikh also teaches undergraduate students from The University of Western Sydney and Notre Dame University.

Newborn, developmental & behavioural paediatric.
Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu

Also Consults at :

53 Kimberley Street
Rooty Hill NSW 2766
Phone: 96751666
Fax: 96753289

46 George Street
Windsor NSW 2756
Phone: 02 4577 2060
Fax: 45772069